Sunday, 27 February 2011

W.I.P the Storehouse update 2

A very quick update tonight 

Over the last couple of days I have manage to finish all the clading and  I have given it a  couple of coats of paint.
Still need to give it a proper paint job , but first there are the doors and windows to finish plus the staircase on the side. Then work can start on the thatch roof



  1. Good work so far. I keep thinking about getting Link molds but the last time I tried they had dissapeared and came back under another name and then....Do they still trade?

  2. Cheers Paul. Yes the rights to produce the moulds were brought up by a small company in the U.S.A
    there is a list on the above site of supliers for mainland europe
    In the UK they are avalable from
    or toe old origional moulds are often to be found on e-bay.

    Hope this helps
    All the best Terry