Thursday, 10 February 2011

scratch build Boer wagon

scratch build Boer wagon, originally uploaded by MrTeld.

Today I have been busy making the first of the scratch built Ox wagons. It took a little longer to make than I expected and is a little on the rough side but I have learned a good bit in the making of this one that will help when It comes to making the next one. Hoping to be able to make a couple more over the weekend.


  1. In line with your previous post and the "bedridden" figure. You might want to design both wagon (which looks good by the way) and casualty so that you can accommodate so that the latter fits comfortably into the former . . . two of them if that would work . . . so that they could be used in future scenarios for transporting wounded.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice Idea, Thanks Jeff will keep that in mind while making the next batch of wagons for future games " on the move with oxen"