Friday, 4 March 2011

W.I.P the Storehouse update 3

Firstly sorry for the longer than normal delay in posting an update, but I felt it better to wait until I had more to report.

Well the  roof sections have been made and I have thatched the larger main section of the roof , just the smaller section left to thatch.

As you can see in the picture I have departed from the norm and I have gone for a dark, aged  colour  for the roof, which I think is in more keeping for Thatch that would have been approximately  thirty five years old at the time of the battle. I may well end up drybrushing in some highlights but I will wait until I have finished the whole building until I decide if it needs it.

The ground has been completed and is awaiting a few tufts of static grass,and as you can see I have made the external staircase. This still of course requires a bit of painting.

This evening I am working on the second section of roof that requires thatching and tomorrow I can hopefully make a start on all the doors, windows and shutters.



  1. looking good!!

    I have always wanted to do Rourkes drift but noone else in the club wanted to do day, one day!


  2. It continues to look better and better.

    -- Jeff

  3. Looks very good. Thing is though...when the battle takes place you will have to set fire to it ;-D
    Thanks for the info about Linka..I´ll see if there´s a dealer in the EU...import tax for stuff from the US makes it too expensive to mail order.

  4. Thank you very Much for the feedback and welcome Bluewillow.

    Thanks Jeff

    No problem Paul, thankfully I will not have to set fire to this one as it was the one I still have to build I.E the hospital that burned down but thanks for bringing that up as I think I may have to add a burning roof and a burned out building to to the work list ;-D

  5. Hi Terry, I really enjoy your blog and your conversions - is your work in 20mm or 28mm ? also can you tell me where you got your Zulu native drover from ? Many thanks - keep blogging it's a great inspiration.

  6. Hi Nick, thank you very much I have been busy doing other projects over the last couple of years. I must get back and do some more work on the Zulu war project as there are draws full of miniatures awaiting painting. the project is in 28mm. I think the drover was from wargames foundry but I am not 100% sure. thank you again for your feedback greatly appreciated.