Saturday, 26 February 2011

W.I.P the Storehouse update 1

Yesterday I Managed to spend a good bit of the day in the work room working on the storehouse, I started cladding the foamcore with linka only to run out of the pieces I needed.
I calculated that I had enough pieces cast to clad the storehouse, but I forgot to take into account the pieces I had used on the cookhouse and the experimental piece. So I had to switch to casting new pieces of linka.
 In between casting more linka pieces I.E while waiting to de mould newly cast pieces.  I managed to do the floorboards. As this was originally a storeroom before the Rev Witt turned it into a meeting room, I have made the floorboards a little rough as I imagine floorboards would be in a  provincial storeroom of the period.
Even though I had to stop to cast a load of new linka pieces I still managed to clad about 70% of the storehouse. Unfortunately though I will now have to wait a full day for the new pieces to dry enough for me to be able to use them.
After the cladding is finished I will then go around the building filling all the gaps where the linka pieces have not  butted up to one another fully, and then finish off the rest of the windows and doors.
 After that there is the outside staircase to be made and then of course I have the roof to make a start on.

The  Progress so far
just both sides of  the right side end wall 
and inner walls of the open storage area left to clad,

arial view. 

The amount of  floor space is beter seen from the  arial view, The proportions of the floorspace are larger than the real building. I have done this to allow for the larger bases that the figures have. This way two or more figures can be in the one room without there bases touching, important for close combat with some rules.

Hopefully the building will not look to large on the table

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