Sunday, 13 February 2011

General Service Wagon Mk1 Royal Engineers

General Service Wagon Mk1 Royal Engineers, originally uploaded by MrTeld.

Lt Chard Posing next to his new General Service wagon,  
Today I have managed to finish the construction of the last of the wagons for the Rorkes Drift game,all three still require painting but I feel quite pleased as this is another thing I can tick off the list of scenic requirments for the scenario.
I plan on using this one  in the Rorkes Drift game for the abandoned Royal Engineers wagon that was left outside the defensive perimeter on the other side of the rough stone Kraal.
As to the question of authenticity, well I have no idea if the Wagon General Service mk 1 R.E  was used by Engineers in 1879  but it just made a nice touch.
Line drawings for a lot of victorian Artillery and Engineer transport can be found at the following link :


  1. Good stuff on this weeks posts. I admire you for scratchbuilding so much, time and abililty wise beyond me Im afraid. There was a discussion on the Xhosa yahoo group where Ian Knight is a member about the colours of the wagons in South Africa and Ian reckoned green with red wheels was the normal, but there must have beem others too so it allows a bit of flexibilty.I might do some grey blue (I like the Vallejo paint of that colour).

  2. Many thanks KM

    It was a case of making the boer wagons and saveing a bit of money for more important purchases like more zulus.

  3. Another great-looking wagon, sir. I am quite impressed by your "scratch builds". Very nice indeed.

    -- Jeff

  4. Many thanks Jeff

    I have another blog that I have just started which I plan for first proper post to do a tutorial on the building of the wagons. Just got to find the time to write it , hopefully will have a bit off time free next week to get it done.


  5. Terry
    That is not Chard.. that one is Bromhead.. he would be the one with the pistol holster..wargames foundry did a set of Bromheads one for the movie the other historical.. you can also google images of bromhead and you will see paintings of him in this outfit.. sorry to be nitpicker.. but thought you, like me would like the right answer

    third picture down on the top link shows him in the center.

    and this last one i hesitate because its a new painting but you will the holster and no belt look here too

  7. Not sure if you were confused by the slip that comes with the empress plastic figures, that was clearly written by the guys who made the plastic not the metal figures..
    They have Chard as Bromhead and vice versa, have Colour Sergeant Bourne with grey hair(unlikely at 24) and Chard with grey hair(also unlikely as he was younger than i am now at the time, and i only have a little grey)
    So its full of some glaring inaccuracies and i am surprised the guys at empress didnt complain!

    this is a great site by the way!