Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A few Rorke's Drift Characters

Today I managed to take a few more pictures of some of the characters I have done so far for the Rorke's Drift game, although I do plan on using them  in a lot of different scenarios in the future under diferent names.

Hospital defenders 
Privates Horrigan, John Williams, Joseph Williams
and Private Hook in shirt sleeve order.

Commissariat and Transport Dept.
Acting Commissariat Walter Dunne, Assistant Acting Commissariat James Langley Dalton 
Acting Chaplain to the Volunteers
Rev. George Smith

Natal Mounted Police
Troopers Green, Lugg and Hunter. 
plus a Sergeant who will be used in other scenarios

Commissariat and Transport Dept.
Acting Store Keeper, Louis Byrne.
and Pip the dog

Hospital Corps
Corporal Rowland Miller, Second-Corporal Michael McMahon and Private Thomas Luddington.
 Complete with two patients on stretchers one who is past helping.
plus a wounded Private Frederick Hitch of the 24th foot receiving treatment

The first of the bedridden wounded which I am quite pleased with, I may well have a go at making a mould of the next one I do, as there are varying accounts as to the number of bedridden patients in the hospital at the time of the attack.One account puts the amount as high as eleven another as low as three. Given the different figures given I will have a go at casting a dozen, I’m sure I can find a use for any I don’t use in this game.


  1. Great stuff. One of my top ten films..
    I look forward to more of this one

  2. The "bedridden" could possibly be used in future scenarios to depict wounded (replacing actual figures) . . . particularly if you made the "blankets" covering them close to your usual ground color.

    It is an idea anyway.

    -- Jeff

  3. Im currently working on something for the wounded, look out for a post in the near future.