Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Collapsed Bell Tents for the Rorke's Drift game.

Collapsed Bell Tents , originally uploaded by MrTeld.

To complement the Rendra tents I posted a few weeks ago http://zuluwarminiature.blogspot.com/2011/02/renedra-bell-tents.html
I have  made four collapsed bell tents to be used in place of the four rendra tents for marking the position of the abandoned camp at Rorke,s Drift.
The tents will initially be used in the Hollywood version of the game as if memory serves me right the tents were just collapsed in the film.
With regard to the historical battle I am still trying to determine if the camp was fully struck or if the bell tents were just collapsed before starting work on the more vital barricades. Initially the plan was to strike the camp in preparation of abandoning the drift;

I received a message from Lieutenant Bromhead, commanding the Company 24th Regiment at the Camp near the Commissariat Stores, asking me to come up at once.
I gave the order to inspan, strike tents, put all stores, &c., into the wagon, and at once rode up to the Commissariat Store and found that a note had been received from the 3rd Column to state that the enemy were advancing in force against our post, which we were to strengthen and hold at all costs.

John. R. M. Chard,
Lieut R.E.

Given time it would have taken to ride up to the Store and back I am inclined to side towards the collapsing of the tents only.In time I plan to use them as markers in other Zulu war or Sudan games to replace the camp tents should the camp be over run. To that end I’m sure in time they will be of use in a Isandlwana game in the future

When I finally get around to buying another four of the rendra tents think I shall make another four of the collapsed bell tents to go with them.


  1. very good. They look almost real.

  2. I really can't say how much I like the idea here enough, great!

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