Miniatures comparison

Zulu War Miniatures

Over the following months as and when I find the time I plan to showcase  on this page as many of the figures available for the zulu war as I am able. For now just to make a small start to this end and to hopefully be of some small assistance to gamers who have already started the zulu war in 28mm here are a few comparison pictures of some of the figures from my collection.
The following pictures are  of some of the figures avalable in 28mm  for the zulu war, I hope the expand and add new comparison photo's as and when I purchase new figures from different  ranges.

Pic 1
Pic 1. mix of unmarried and married zulu's
L to R. Rapier miniatures, Empress miniatures, Wargames factory (multi part plastic),Wargames Foundry, Black tree, Redoubt.

Pic 2

Pic 2 . Induna
L to R Wargames factory (multi part plastic) with InDuna Head, Empress miniatures InDuna, Wargames foundry InDuna.

Pic 3.
Pic 3.British reguler Infantry
L to R Rapier Miniatures Rank and file, Foundry Miniatures rank and file, Empress Miniatures rank and file, Empress Minitures officer, Wargames Foundry officer.

Pic 4
Pic 4 auxiliries
L to R  Perry Miniatures Sudan range  medical Officer, Perry  Mafeking  armed Civilian with Empress miniatures Pith helmet , Irregular miniatures cowboy,  Perry Miniatures Mafeking armed civilian, Black tree  Natal native contingent, Wargames foundry darkest africa, Dixons Dahomy Native Bearer.