Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cookhouse ,Latrine and Privy

I couple of months a go I made a couple of the small buildings in the rorkes drift compound. They were made initially as a small scale experiment to ascertain the suitability of some of the materials and assembly techniques to use on the main buildings.

The first building I made was the cookhouse this was made from hurculite plaster with Linka moulds and is a sealed unit. This building came out alright and will properly make it onto the table for the game. I really like linka for buildings as after purchasing the moulds the wall pieces are relatively cheap to make and being made of plaster are easy to cut, sand down etc.

  It was clear while making this building that linka on its own would not be strong enough for the large buildings, or for that matter small building with removable roofs for placing figures into. So after a bit of thinking another building was attempted to deal with the problems highlighted with the first building, the second experiment involved foamcore walls with linka cladding.

This building has been left with out flooring or roof for some time just to see how the walls themselves stand up to wear and tear and after a few months of kicking around the outhouse / workroom and then being given to my son for his Fallout game the result is in, The build is strong enough for the building of the storehouse and Hospital.

Another small building that was attempted to try out the teddy bear fur ”Thatch" technique was a latrine. My thinking was that the drift being a staging post for the column plus it being used prier to the columns arrival as a Church there was a good chance that a latrine may have been built.

But it seems I was wrong, although I have not found any accounts as to the size and build of the WC at the drift most plans and diagrams show a small privy, so yesterday I made a Privy


So with all the small buildings having been made I can now start work on the main buildings.
 all for now Terry

The plan for the next post is the making of the Meelie bag wall, the garden wall and the small and large kraal,s


  1. Great little building.!!!
    I have watched the film...what, 100 times I think... and the bit where they lock the drunken priest in the...??? it the privy or just a shed?

  2. Ummmmm i think in the film they lock the Rev Witt in the storeroom, the one that they were taking meelie bags out from earlier and where Sgt Bourne gives his rendition of the 46th Psalm.

    of course what rearly hapened was that the Rev Otto Witt was at the drift minus his daugter his familey bieng miles away, Witt had made arrangements for his wife and daughter to go and stay with friends at Msinga.

    At about 12.30 p.m., cannon-fire was heard from the direction of Isandlwana. Surgeon Reynolds, Otto Witt and the Reverend George Smith, climbed to the top of the Oskarberg and peered through a telescope towards Isandlwana.

    3.30p.m. The Reverends Witt and Smith came down from their vantage point on top of the Oskarberg. the Zulus were crossing upriver in force. Witt fearful of his wife's safety at nearby Msinga, grabed a horse and decamped.

    Im still needing to find a good figure to use for rev Witt for the "hollywood" and factual battles.

  3. Having just found your blog today, I am disappointed that there aren't more posts and pretty pictures for me to drool over.

    I'm very impressed with your work so far and will definitely keep an eye on it.

    Thank you for sharing, sir.

    -- Jeff