Saturday, 5 February 2011

The sentries report Zulus to the south west .......... Thousands of them !!!!

Ok maybe not thousands of them, or for that matter hundreds of them, but the few that I have finished painting.

  From the title of the post you can properly guess that  thescenario im working on during the first part of the project is the battle of Rorkes Drift. As such this first lot of Zulus have been painted to represent the amabutho present at the battle, at the moment the individual Ibutho are all approximately 30 to 40 figures strong, This is only half of the amount of figures required for the scenario so upon completion some of the Ibutho will be considerably larger which will be more in keeping with the actual deployment on the day.


 Or the "dust raisers"  which is the rough  translation of Uthulwana  which numbered approximately 1500 men on the day of the battle. Made up of mainly wargames factory plastic zulus with four black tree uthlwana in full ceramonial dress. There are another 20 black tree uthulwana figures partly painted at the present time awaiting finishing, the Ibutho should number 60 when completed .


The "Horned Vipers"  the smalist of the amabutho present on the day numbering aproxamitly 900 men . At the present time there are 37 figures in this ibutho again the main bulk of the figures bieng used are the plastic multi part wargames factory figures with a few black tree and empress figures mixed in. This regiment only requires another 3 figures for its final strength of 40 figures.

The "Savage Fighters"the younger of the ringed or "married" regiments of the loins or resurve,  this Ibutho made up the main part of the force that attacked rorkes drift numbering aprox 2500 men , at the moment this is only 30 figures strong, a third of the required strength another 60 are reqired to bring this up to the right strength. At the present time another 30 are in the painting que and are part painted. 


"Leopards Lair " or the Spots  the Unmarried or unringed  ibutho which was part of the loins or reserve of the army numbering approximately 1000 men on the day, I have not counted the figures but I think there are 40 figures give or take one or two , Again we have the main part of the regiment  being made up of wargames factory Zulus with a few empress, black tree, and Redoubt figures. The main part of the Zulus with firearms in the above picture is from Redoubt. 

This Ibutho is at the present time finished having the needed number of figures, but I will in the near  future separate off the redoubt  figures with firearms  to use as a separate skirmish unit , so there will be the need for other 10 or so figures to complete the regiment.


Last but by no means least the Induna or commanders and witch doctor


  1. Nice paint jobs on your miniatures , I like your ambulance too. I might pinch the idea for Chards wagon at Rorkes Drift which was the other side of the lower stock pen.Good luck with the project, I shall follow it closely.

  2. Cheers KapitanMors

    The lledo wagons can be picked up cheaply on evil-bay and IMHO make passable general service wagons with a bit of work.

    This link may be of some intrest

    will post up a couple of pictures of the general service wagon conversion,

    all the best terry