Monday, 7 February 2011

Because we're here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.

Following on from the posting of the main part of the Zulu army painted up so far (I managed to find a few more in another box that I had missed) its time I posted the British painted so far.

I have painted up just over 50 British so far ... Much more of a slow slog to paint compared the Zulus. The good news is that this as the amount required to play Rorkes drift with TSATF rules... Hurray!!!!!.
The bad news for me is that I decided early on that I wanted to have a go at doing the British at 1:1 with the Zulus regenerating as required, So as to save money on the Zulus, plus there is no way my table or wallet will accommodate 4500 Zulus.

In the mean time while painting up the remainder of the British I can make a start at scratch building the station at rorkes drift and hopefully have a test game or two. In reality I think the painting of the British will be done before the buildings, I have made a start and done the cookhouse and outhouse and part of the meelie bag defence so some progress has been made and I will post pictures of them soon.

Been blabbering on again time for the pictures

Empress Miniatures figures firing line

Empress Miniatures  " at ready"

The above is the line figures painted so far the charector figures will follow tomorrow.


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