Sunday, 13 March 2011


With any military expedition there is the problem of logistics. How to keep your force supplied with all that it needs to fight, during the Zulu war this required vast numbers of wagons,carts,mules, and native bearers to transport everything that the Army would need during the campaign, supplies  such as ammunition, food, tents, and even the field  forge for replacing the cavalry horses shoes.

While I have already made the wagons that will be used as part of the defences in the rorke’s drift game I will also need a few more wagons for playing any of the three columns of the Invasion force.

“By January 1879 there had been collected 977 wagons, 56 carts,10,023 Oxen,803 horses and 398 mules with 2000 extra natives to drive and manage them.”
Michael barthrorp the zulu war a pictorial history.

As you can see from the figures above wagons, carts, and oxen  will  be required in good amount to play many of the actual  battles or fictional encounters, to this end I plan to make a few wagons and carts both limbered with oxen or mules for the wagon train on the move and unlimbered  for use in the camp or as a Laager.

While I still need to make a few more Colonial  Ox wagons, Colonial mule wagons, Carts and general service wagons I have made a small start on the wagon train.

 two finished wagons

the first two general service wagons both lledo conversions,I have a sneaky suspicion that I have the colour scheme wrong and they should be blue gray.

Native Bearers
The first lot of native bearers,while taking the photo's I noticed that a few of them will require another coat of matt varnish. This first lot of bearers are from the Dixon Dahomy range I plan to add a pack or two of the  foundry bearers to them.

water wagon 

The unlimbered water wagon made for the rorke's drift game but i'm sure it will come in very useful in other games as part of the camp equipment. I will be copying this and making a limbered version sometime in the future.

 another Lledo conversion
Another lledo wagon which is almost finished just awaiting the base and some oxen or mules.
A Lledo carriage

While not part of the wagon train I have also aquired another lledo carriage.This carrage has only recieved a basic paint job at  the present time and still requires a bit of work, Im planning on using it for the hollywood "zulu" game when it will be used as the Rev Witt's carriage.

 As you can see its a small start but there is still so much to left to do but for now work has had to stop until I get some more Oxen, mules, and Wheels


  1. Grand stuff. The carriage you could use for the Witts.

  2. Lots of useful models, Terry. They should do yeoman service in many games to come.

    -- Jeff

  3. Just discovered your blog! Inspirational! I envy you your scratchbuilding skills!

  4. Cheers Chaps

    Paul I do indeed propose to use the trap for the Rev Witts carriage in the hollywood version of the Rorke's Drift Game.

    Jeff yes I can also see them bieng very useful in lots of games thanks.

    legatus welcome and thank you, I have also been following your period blogs for some time.