Wednesday, 9 March 2011

TSATF Zulu markers

One problem that I found while playing TSATF with ten plus Zulu units on the table, was keeping track of which units had already moved in any one turn. We soon solved this small problem by using the  foam counters we use to mark moved units in Disposable heroes, but while they do the job very well they don’t really look the part so for purely cosmetic purposes I have made a few movement counters for the Zulu units.

Of course while thinking of what to use to make the markers I soon thought of other uses for which the use of a marker would be beneficial. One Idea was to put the markers to use as the markers for blinds.
During the Nightime sequence of the Rorke's drift game I plan on putting them to use to record the presence of the Zulus on the board but not within visible distance. So the British player will have to be careful or a possible Zulu attack on one wall could just turn out to be a few skirmishers causing a diversion.

Another idea I had was to paint up the shields in the different main colour schemes of the different Zulu regiments involved in the defence of the 1879 invasion. While it helps with unit recognition by 1879 most of the amaButhos contained mixed shield colours. This gives us another use for the markers, I can if needs arise  mix up and use the Zulus I already have done to represent a different iButho and differentiate the different amaButho's simply by using the correct colour shield for the  iButho I wish to  depict in front of the mixed unit  as a  unit recognition marker.

The sixteen markers in their movement trays which  I keep them in when not in use. Movement trays with a single shield placed with its back facing the opponent is  used as a blind representing the possible  position of zulu's  during a game.

the above picture is a still from the film Zulu. Lt Chard played by Sir Stanley Baker about to stick a Zulu shield in the ground the insperation for the design of the zulu markers.

I have started to collect the pieces needed for the different  British markers but they are still someway down the list of pieces to be made for the games.



  1. looking good. Incredible really that the zulus were so organised...reminds me a bit of a roman legion.

  2. Thanks Jeff the idea for the design came from the film Zulu as you can see in the now edited post, I did mean to include this in the post and then forgot.

  3. Paul yes they were very organised, most of this was the result of one leader Shaka who took the zulus from a small tribe to the mighty nation.I rearly must take the time to read up the books I have on the zulu nation under Shaka.