Sunday, 6 March 2011

the finished storehouse

Just finished applying a bit of paint to the doors and shutters, so apart from a bit of tinkering I.E applying the odd Highlight to the painting and a final coat of Mat varnish I think It is completed.

front view
I have used some artistic licence with regard to some features that I could not find out details about but overall I’m quite happy with the finished piece

The Veranda

rear view

The external Staircase

the small roof section removed
The roof sections are removable to allow for figures to be positioned inside the building, the single story section of the roof is separate from the larger double story section. This has turned out quite by accident to be a fortunate bonus, as this is the only real weak point in the store house, the one ground floor door that was outside of the meelie bag wall, So should the Zulus break in via this door the Zulu player will not know what is in the other rooms until he enters them.

To assist in this I have also made a couple of second story floorboard pieces that will be put to use as the floor of the small upper storeroom and also to conceal the occupants of the lower  rooms until they move or the Zulus enter the room. 

 one of the fllorboard pieces in place

Now to start work on the floor plans for the Hospital



  1. Now THAT´s what I call a fine looking wargames building!!!! Great detail both outside and inside...access to the interior and not only that but on two floors!!! The little touches like the top of the walls being brick red and either side plaster effect. Well thought out and executed!!!

  2. That's a really excellent bit of modelling (in fact all your terrain pieces are great!). Only just discovered your blog and will be following the project with interest.


  3. Excellent work. Looks good and will be very gameable.

  4. I am suitably jealous of your modeling skills . . . definitely a very fine and useful building, sir.

    -- Jeff

  5. thank you Paul,Stryker,Mors and Jeff Im pleased that you like the model enough to comment