Friday, 28 January 2011

Charity shop find

  From time to time you can find wonderful little items rooting around the local charity shops, they usually come in the guise of the odd military history book, but on the odd occasion you find an item that could come in useful on the wargame table.
This happened a few weeks ago, searching through a big box marked up with a sign saying  " all items 10p each" this box was full of  " made in china" plastic toys, the main volume being made up of cars and dolls, but in amongst all the broken cars my eyes found an elephant continuing my search I found another smaller Elephant calf a Hippo and a Giraffe and not the usual soft bendy plastic type, this lot seemed to be made of a harder more rigid plastic. They initially looked like they may well fit with 28mm figures.  So being very extravagant I took a risk and handed over the full asking price of forty pence without even haggling and exited the shop with my loot.

After a bit of cleaning up of the mould lines and a repaint I think the elephants will add to the scenics for the Zulu war games and may in the future be used in some Darkest Africa games.

I was not so lucky with the Hippo and the Giraffe both were to big to be useful in their current form. So the Hippo lost his body and got a slap of paint and became a waterline model which seems to have done the job and it now fits in quite well, the Giraffe, well that has been added to into the bits box for now.

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  1. try the Schleich range also, I cut down a hippo from this range for a pulp game