Sunday 17 July 2011

Hiatus over

Wow!  It has really been a while since I have done any work on the project and posted any updates on the blog. What initially started as a short few days break to enjoy the hot spell we had a couple months ago, evolved into a full wargame  hiatus, but I must say that I feel much refreshed after taking a bit of a break from doing all the painting and scenics. 

Anyway this week I finally resumed work on the project, and eased in by finishing some foundry Zulus that have been sitting on the painting table for the last few months. The one area that I was evidently short of for the rorkes drift game was Zulu’s with firearms. Hopefully this small lot will help to readdress that shortfall.

Also some of you may have also noticed that the general service wagons were painted in the wrong colour, this has been niggling  me for some time so finally I got round to correcting this error.

Well thats it for now and  hopefully I will not leave it so long before my next update.