Sunday, 1 May 2011

doing a bit of work in the garden

Well I knew it  had been some time since my last update but I have only just realised quite how long, I seem to have missed out april entirely. So what is my excuse ... well actually I was just being rather lazy and enjoying the lovely weather we have had  during most of april.
I have not entirely ignored the project, in fact the hot weather was the perfect excuse to get out in the garden and make one of those scenic pieces that are a  a bit to messy to make in the house, well it beats mowing the lawn. So what was this piece of scenic? Ummmm how to describe it ... well maybe a few pictures will do the job for me.

some rough ground maybe?

Ok it was actully a large hill or is a mountain? that I plan to use as the hill behind the drift and also as a backdrop to the Battle of Isandlwana. 

Redoubt zulus on the hill

anyone bring along a ladder?

Well thats it for now ... I'm off  out into the garden to do a bit of sun worship.

all the best Terry


  1. In the garden enjoying the sun?...and why not? :-D
    THAT is some piece of scenery!!!!!
    Questions...what´s it made of? How heavy is it??
    Where will you keep it!!! ?

  2. Agree with Paul! Please fill us in?


  3. Questions...what´s it made of? How heavy is it??
    Where will you keep it!!! ?

    what´s it made of?
    well that one is easy to answer .. a old plastic pond cut in half and glued to a mdf board .. a couple of batons along the length to stop warping, this was then dressed up with some packing polystyrene to make it more rocky, coat the whole lot in " no nails " add a mix of sand and pva and all thet is left to do is paint it.

    How heavy is it?? ummm that is a bit more dificult to answer as I have not actually placed it on any scales .. but it is not that heavy probably about a max 2kg or there abouts.

    Where will you keep it!!! ?
    ummmm this has been at the centre of many interesting debates between me and my better half ... there is another " the other half of the pond " curenty under construction so the debate is still open .. so far it has found a temporary home on top of the wardrobe in the bedroom , for how long who knows?